Political games and subversive play

We're on a mission to radicalise the board game. Why should films, books and art change the world, but board games be confined to trading sheep and amassing 'victory points'?

Here at TerrorBull Games we're trying to do something different: using traditional game forms to tackle difficult subjects, from the war on terror to religion.

Some of Our Games


Game image for The Hen Commandments


Game image for War on Terror, the boardgame


Game image for Crunch, the game for utter bankers


Game image for Trickledown


Game image for Metakettle


Game image for War on Terror, the application


Game image for Pandora's Box


Game image for Ewe of the Falklands


Game image for In It Together

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Who Are We?

TerrorBull Games grapples with the nasty things in life through games that are both thought-provoking as well as fun.

From the About Us page: "TerrorBull Games are on a mission to resurrect the forgotten tradition of using board games to tackle real life dilemmas."

From the Manifesto: "Our aims can be boiled down to these two things: We want our games to have the power to change how you think. And we want you to have the power to change the game"

Our manifesto details the tabletop revolution, while our About Us section is full of predictable propaganda. Don't take anything you read at face value.


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